Wine Review : Hughes Nativo 2007

A quick review of Nativo 2007.  Also available on Youtube here.

On the nose, you get clear notes of blackcurrant with a slight spicy note.  Beautiful Nativo 2007colour – dark ruby red with some brownish colours representing the age of this wine.  What I mean is; apparently, the older wine get, the more brownish shade is presented in the wine, and it was clear in this wine ( Nativo).

On the palate, again clear notes of blackcurrant with some notes of oak and spices.  On the second go, the fruitiness was very clear and very enjoyable.  Very soft tannins.

Hughes wines are organic wines in the Swartland area.  Regionally they get more evening cold mist from the sea which has a very clear soft tone on the wines (see also Durbanville region wines).  This Nativo 2007 is a very enjoyable and easy drinking wine.



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