Whisky Review – Nikka

A quick whisky review…. Japanese Nikka From the Barrel.  See the video here… nikka

This is a Japanese whisky from the Nikka Distillery.  Its not a single malt but a blended malt and grain whisky with a difference – its re-casked and then bottled directly from the barrels.  It has a higher alcohol content than the generally 43%, this one at 51.4%.  Diluted with a bit of water, it has a very nice sweetness that’s coming through and a distinct caramel nose and palate.  For an extensive review, see WhiskyWednesday’s video.

Bottled in a 500 ml glass bottle, it looks very “sexy” but a bit too pricey compared to very good single malt Scotch whiskies’ and that’s my general experience with all Japanese whiskies – nice but very pricey.  Compare to Scotch whiskies, you can get more for less.  But that’s just me….



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