Whisky Review – Glenbrynth

I’ve never ventured in reviewing Whiskies because – well, I’m not such an expert.  But, after some encouragement I decided to “review” a whisky, maybe not from an expert’s point of view, but just as someone who enjoys malt whiskies.  So, here’s my first review…. (also available here on my YouTube channel).glenbrynth

Just before Christmas, I was browsing through a local whisky supplier and found, to me, an unknown whisky – Glenbrynth.  While reading the label, my first reaction was not to buy it because it says on the label “With all the characteristics of a traditional malt whisky, but none of the heavy smoky and peatiness usually associated with these malts“.  My favorite whisky is exactly that – a heavy peaty whisky like Lagavullin.  But despite this, I went ahead and bought and I was pleasantly surprised.

Glenbryth is a blended malt whisky which means that malt from different distilleries were combined by the distiller to create this malted whisky.  The other “blended” whisky is whiskies like Johny Walker Red, Bells, White Horse – these are whiskies that are blended by malt and grain and is seldom aged for longer than 5 years.  These blended whiskies were created to fill the demand for a “quicker” and cheaper, lets say, daily whisky.  The other fact of a blended malted whisky is that if it is labeled as a 12 year old, the youngest of all the components will be 12 years old; there might therefore be some older batches in.  A single malt, and I stand to be corrected, is when the the whisky was distilled from one distillery.

Anyway, its a 12 years old whisky, 43% alcohol volume with a deep clear amber / golden colour.  The nose or aroma has a wonderful burst of vanilla & honey.  On a second nose, some spicy, heathery notes.


And lastly, even some floral notes.

On the palate the oaky, sherry, fruity flavors were clear and the whisky leaves you with a lingering after
taste.  There’s also a definite sweetyness coming through.  The sherry taste probably comes from aging in sherry casks which is a popular cask used in the aging process..

Glenbrynth leaves you with a long satisfying finish; a good compliment to chocolate.

So, that’s Glenbrynth, a blended Whisky from the Scottish Highlands / speyside and a definite buy.

Hope you will enjoy this blended whisky.


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