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Life is too short not too enjoy good food, good whisky, good wine and a good book.

Welcome.  Browse around, read my reviews, ideas, notes, or hop over and buy some of the things I have tried and thoroughly enjoyed (and found worth while) on wine whisky and food.


On my whisky page, you will find resourceful information on whiskies I had like IMG_0626Lagavullin, Bruichladdich, Auchentoshan etc.; different regions of Whisky like Islay with its characteristic peaty nose and taste, Highland and Lowlands whiskies, even international whiskies like Yamazaki or Bains Grain whisky from the Cape mountains.  And maybe even some handy utensils…..


On the wine side, you might find information (mostly my opinion) on regional wines like Bordeaux style, Rhone style, South African regions like Stellenbosch etc.  I was once a purest but realised that blends can be as exciting and enjoyable as pure cultivar wines.  So, I will also share some thoughts on Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinotage, Sauvignon Blanc etc.  And again, some nice utensils and wine openers.


What can I say…..we need to eat!  And a good wine and good food does go well fillettogether, doesn’t it.  Although I don’t necessarily specialises in pairing, I do enjoy a nice wine with my food.  Nothing wrong with pairing (and I had very nice Methode Cap Classique and nougat pairing), but I don’t allow the food to dictate to me what I want to drink – therefore, you might find me drinking a red wine with chicken.  Not the “puristic” thing, but hey, its all about the mood and appreciation!

So you will find some recipes that worked, some experiments, some opinions on things like “Genetically Modified Organisms”, GI, some utensils and accessories like Weber, AMC classic etc.

Book Review

I have read some books in my life and found some VERY informative and why not share that with you, another reader!

So, hope you found this worth while, maybe even enjoyable!


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